Weapon Description
Pistol image Pistols Shoot the enemies from afar with this basic hand gun.
Wolfenstein RPG - Boot weapon image Boot Kick your enemies across the room and break destroyable objects with your boot.
Image of BJ’s fist Fist Punch your enemies to loosen their lips.
Image of the Brass Knuckles in Wolfenstein RPG for the cell phone Brass Knuckles If they won’t talk, knock their teeth out.
Image of the Spiked Brass Knuckles from Wolfenstein RPG Spiked Brass Knuckles More powerful brass knuckles.
Image of the Wolfenstein Thompson submachine gun Thompson Shoot enemies twice with this submachine gun.
Sten weapon image for Wolfenstein RPG Sten Fire three shots at enemies per turn with this submachine gun.
This is an image of the Chain Gun you can get in Wolfenstein RPG Chain Gun Devastate your enemies by firing four shots with this powerful gun.
Image of the Mauser Sniper Rifle from Wolfenstein RPG Mauser Use this basic sniper rifle to shoot enemies from far way.
Image of FG4d sniper rifle - Wolf RPG FG42 Take out your enemies with this powerful sniper rifle.
An image of the dynamite BJ can get in Wolfenstein RPG Dynamite Blow up walls or enemies with this dynamite.
The Wolfenstein Panzerfaust graphic Panzerfaust A powerful rocket launcher designed for mobility.
The flame thrower image for Wolfenstein RPG Flamethrower Leave your enemy burning for a few turns with this destructive fire weapon.
A graphic of the tesla gun in Wolfenstein RPG Tesla Gun Use this to attack multiple adjacent enemies at once. It has to charge after so many uses.
The Spear of Destiny is the final weapon in Wolfenstein RPG Spear of Destiny Use this holy weapon to strike down evil foes.
If you are fighting one on one with a lower level zombie, kick him so he won’t have the chance to attack you.

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