Mixing Station
Wolfenstein RPG Mixing Stations

Axis scientists have been developing various concoctions to improve the performance of their soldiers. Go to mixing stations and use these chemical creations to your advantage. You’ll need empty syringes to use each mixing station. Use the ingredients at each mixing station wisely. Once you’ve used up the ingredients at a particular mixing station, you’ll have to find another station to mix more syringes.

Each syringe power up is made up of a total of 3 liquids. You must use a combination of red, blue, and/or green liquids. Here are the possible combinations and the power ups they create.

Power Up Red Blue Green
Regeneration 3 0 0
Fear 1 2 0
Anger 1 1 1
Elite Guard 0 2 1
Purify 2 0 1
Enrage 0 0 3
Agility 1 0 2
Fortitude 2 1 0
Reflection 0 1 2
Soldat 0 3 0
You can use multiple syringes of the same type for a higher effect. This is true for most syringes, but not all.

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