Wolfenstein RPG Features:
9 Action filled levels with castles, underground passages ways, and top secret weapon development labs.
Shoot enemies in a full fledged 3d driving level.
16 Weapons including the Chain Gun, Dynamite, Flamethrower, and more!
Includes 32 enemies including classic Wolfenstein monsters and brand new monsters!
Use or interact with over 54 different world items, including 16 different mixable syringe power ups.
Bribe scientists, engineers, and workers with 4 kinds of gold loot.
Read 28 different books for power-ups or power-downs. Includes a range of topics including leadership, kicking chickens, and romance!
Features two addictive mini-games including the Chicken Kicking Game and War.
Sometimes it’s best to skip a turn so the enemies will position themselves in your line of fire.

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