Wolfenstein RPG Bestiary

Soldier Class
Wolfenstein RPG Guard monster Wolfenstein RPG Soldier enemy image Paratrooper soldier from Wolf RPG
Guard Soldier Paratrooper
Worker Class
Wolfenstein RPG Worker Wolfenstein RPG Axis Scientist Wolfenstein RPG Axis Engineer
Worker Scientist Engineer
Skeleton Class
Skeleton enemy from Wolfenstein RPG Fire Skeleton from Wolf RPG for the cell phone Fire Warrior enemy from Wolfenstein RPG
Skeleton Fire Skeleton Fire Warrior
Officer Class
Enemy Axis Lieutenant from Wolfenstein RPG Captain enemy in Wolfenstein RPG Image of Colonel
Lieutenant Captain Colonel
Super Soldier Class
Image of Prototype from Wolfenstein RPG Image of Enemy Rocket Soldier from Wolfenstein RPG Picture of Super Soldier from Wolfenstein RPG Video Game
Prototype Rocket Soldier Super Soldier
Trooper Class
Image of the Fire Trooper from Wolfenstein RPG for the cell phone Axis Assault Trooper Image of the Chain Trooper from Wolf RPG
Flame Trooper Assault Trooper Chain Trooper
Guard Class
Prime Guard from Wolfenstein RPG The Special Guard from Wolfenstein RPG Wolfenstein RPG Elite Guard Image
Prime Guard Special Guard Elite Guard
Zombie Class
Mini Zombie Warrior sprite from Wolfenstein RPG Zombie Warrior sprite for the 3d Wolfenstein RPG game Image of Mega Zombie Warrior
Mini Zombie Warrior Zombie Warrior Mega Zombie Warrior
Tormentor Class
Shrieker enemy sprite from Wolfenstein RPG game Tormentor enemy sprite from Wolfenstein RPG cell phone game  
Shrieker Tormentor  
Image of tonights chicken dinner from Wolfenstein RPG Enraged Chicken enemy sprite - Wolfenstein RPG
Chicken Enraged Chicken Dumb Soldier
Other Characters
Image of the Olaric sprite from Wolfenstein RPG Marianna image from Wolfenstein RPG cell phone game Image of the spy in Wolfenstein RPG video game
Olaric Marianna Spy
Image of the Harbinger of Doom From Wolfenstein RPG    
Don’t forget you can kick barrels around and blow them up with your guns. Use them to hurt enemies from far away.

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