s1. Commander Keen:
Invasion of the
Vorticons Trilogy
s2. Commander Keen:
Keen Dreams
s3. Commander Keen:
Goodbye Galaxy Set
s4. Commander Keen:
s5. Commander Keen:
s6. Rescue Rover:
s7. Rescue Rover II (1991)
s8. Dangerous Dave
in the Haunted
Mansion (1991)
s9. Hovertank 3D
s10. Catacombs 3D
s11. Heretic
s12. Hexen
s13. Hexen2
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Rescue Rover
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Your dog and best friend, Rover, is snatched by evil Robots. You must journey through 30 mind-bending, deadly Robot Rooms and rescue him. Each room is fraught with dangerous traps that only the most brave and clever person in the world could manage to evade. For Rover's sake, it better be you. Get Rover and get out of there, or the cute little pup gets it!

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