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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars
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ENEMY TERRITORY™: QUAKE WARS is the ultimate online strategic shooter. An objective-driven, class-based first person shooter set in the QUAKE Universe.

Join the battle as one of five specialized character classes fighting with Earth's Gobal Defense Force or the vicious alien Strogg invaders. Gain promotion and advance abilities through heroic personal missions, and fight as a team around the world to complete epic military operations. Construct bridges and slipgates, defend cities, capture research facilities, and destroy key strategic objectives in a war-of-worlds struggle for frontline domination.


  • Two playable armies, each delivering a totally unique gameplay experience, with distinctive technology, abilities, weapons, vehicles and structures.
  • Combat focused on key capture, construct and destroy objectives, but open-ended to allow limitless strategy and improvised missions and tactics.
  • Complete individual assignments and objectives to gain experience and rank during a single mission or an overarching campaign of three linked missions.
  • An array of land, sea and air vehicles, with multiple combat positions including driver, gunner, passenger and even commander.
  • Unlimited strategic options with deployable radar, fire support and defense turrets.
  • Cutting edge technology, where stunning visuals, realistic physics, and optimized networking combine to deliver an unparalleled online gaming experience.

ESRB: Teen

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